P11D Enterprise v24.1.1

P11D Enterprise v24.1.1 (2017/2018) update contains Company Car first registered before 1998 percentage change.

Comp Car 75grams Co2 of less not subject to OpRA
New input box for Company Car Fuel Cash foregone

If you have automatic updates configured your software will update the next time you login.

You can click here to download the new version. You can also phone P11D support on 0808 100 7113 to request a CD.

Please remember to update all computers using the software, and check that the version number is shown as 24.1.1 when the software is run.

For reference please see the Getting started on BDO P11D 24.1 documentation.


Click here for a full copy of the BDO P11D Enterprise Manual.

Click here for a copy of the BDO P11D Generic Excel Import Template.

Click here for a copy of the BDO P11D Software Licence for v24.

Click here for a link to the HMRC 480(2018) Expenses and Benefits Tax Guide.

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