P11D Enterprise 23.1

P11D Enterprise v23.1 (2016/2017) is now available.


If you have automatic updates configured your software will update the next time you login.

You can click here to download the new version. You can also phone P11D support on 0808 100 7113 to request a CD.

Please remember to update all computers using the software, and check that the version number is shown as 23.1 when the software is run.

If you are upgrading from P11D Enterprise v23.0 (2016/2017), Please read the Release notes for BDO P11D 23.1.

If you are using v23 (2016/2017) for the first time, please read the Getting started on BDO P11D 23.1 documentation.


Click here for a full copy of the BDO P11D Enterprise Manual.

Click here for a copy of the BDO P11D Generic Excel Import Template.

Click here for a copy of the BDO P11D Software Licence for v23.

Click here for a link to the HMRC 480(2017) Expenses and Benefits Tax Guide.

v23.1 update includes the following changes:

HMRC Approval
    • P11D/P11D(b) and P46Car substitute forms have been approved.
    • P11D/P11D(b) and P46Car Internet Filing Recognition.

Password Protected PDF Email Attachments
    • New facility to password protect P11D or Employee Advice PDF's sent via the email facility.

Company Car / Fuel Benefit Changes
    • The CO2 emissions bands have all changed for 2016/2017. There is a 7% band for 0g/km to 50g/km, 11% for 51 g/km to 75 g/km, 15% for 76g/km to 94g/km, and from 95g/km the rate is 16% and rises by 1 per cent for every 5g/km to the current maximum of 37% for emissions of 200g/km and above..
    • There is still a 3% supplement for most diesel-powered cars. The current maximum of 37% for emissions of 185g/km and above.
    • The fuel benefit charge multiplier to calculate the tax payable on the benefit of free fuel for company cars increased from 22,100 to 22,200.

Company Vans / Fuel Benefit Changes
    • The taxable benefit for company vans made available to an employee by reason of his or her employment that are available for the employee's private use will rise to 3,170.
    • Zero emision vans will be charged at 634.
    • The annual fuel benefit of 598 will apply where fuel is made available for private mileage.

Form P9D
    • From April 2016 the form P9D has been withdrawn.

Form P11D, Section N, General Expenses Allowance for Business Travel
    • As from 2016/2017 the General Expenses Allowance have been removed from Section N of the form P11D.

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