P11D Software Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions :

Q. After I log into the software why does it say that it is an evaluation version when I have paid for a full version?

A. You have not entered the licence details that were sent with the CD, this will convert the database into a full working version. Enter the licence name and licence key exactly as shown on the letter. If you have misplaced the letter please call the P11D helpline on 0808 100 7113.

Q. Where do I enter the licence details?

A. Click on Settings in the bottom left corner and then select Software licence from the menu at the top left of the screen. Two fields need to be completed: licence name and licence key enter them and click on Apply Key.

Q. Why can’t I connect to last year’s database?

A. There are several reasons why the software might not be able to locate last year’s database. Have you changed your computer recently? Have you had a new server installed recently? These are generally the cause; your database may have been on your old computer or on the old server, you need to locate it.

Q. I have connected to last year’s database and entered my licence details but I cannot see my company or employees, why not?

A. You need to roll forward. Click on Tools in the bottom left corner and then select Roll Forward Data. If you connected to last year’s database select Use this database, if not then select one of the other two options. Click Load Database and check the options are as required. The company and all benefits will be selected by default, make any necessary changes then click Roll Forward Data.

Q. Some of the employees have red crosses next to them, what does this mean?

A. The red cross next to the employee indicates that they have had benefits applied to them that are incomplete. Review these benefits and either complete (lock) or delete them. Once the benefits have been completed the red cross will be replaced with a green tick or if removed will disappear.

Q. How do I add a replacement car to an employee?

A. Enter the date the employee gave back the first car into the Available To field, Save & Complete this benefit. Add another company car benefit to this employee and enter the details of the replacement car, place a tick in the Replacement Car box, when you do this the next field will open up and you should select the registration number of the previous vehicle then enter the date the employee took delivery of their replacement vehicle into the Available From field. Enter any other necessary information then Save & Complete this benefit.

Q. Can I import my data into the software?

A. Yes you can import data; Companies, Departments, employees, benefits, vehicles and users can be imported using the P11D Enterprise Generic Import Template spread-sheet that is provided on the CD we send you.

Q. What are the import key fields for?

A. Every data element in the database (Company, Department, Employee, Benefit Type) is uniquely identified by an import key; these are either created by the software or entered by the user. They are used when you import data and they tell the software where you want the data being imported to end up. An example would be when importing employees; you need to indicate which department they should be in. Each of the departments in your company will have a unique import key, they should be entered into the import file in the departmentid column for every employee; this will tell the software where to place that employee during the import.

Q. Why are my P11d reports not printing on 2 pages?

A. As the software does not contain any printer settings, it reads the current settings of the printer you are connected to and creates any reports accordingly. You should check those settings and ensure the paper size is set to A4, if not change it and save. You will need to re-run the report for any changes to be taken into consideration.

Q. When filing online my P11d’s online I get a 1046 – Authentication Error message. What does this mean?

A. It means that HMRC do not recognise one or more of your credentials. It could be one or more of the following: -

The HMRC User-id,

The Password

The Accounts Office Ref

The PAYE Ref

You have not registered to use PAYE Online for employers

You have not activated PAYE Online for employers

You have entered the PAYE reference in lower case

If you are an agent then the client is not shown on your agents list

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